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Past Projects

City of Cape Town Network Control Room

Intelligent Electric Solutions (Pty) Ltd recently completed a project for City of Cape Town Electricity Network Control Room.

As the existing control room was becoming dated, there was a requirement to upgrade the control room from the floor to the furniture.

With the design around ergonomics, the client chose the world leader in console design, EVANS consoles, supply and install new Evans Consoles to create a stress-free environment for the call-centre staff to work in.

The Scope of the Contract

The project required us to refurbish the existing raised flooring, removing the floor, levelling the metal structure and applying cork to the top edges to combat noise. This included the removal of 30 years of glue and old carpet as well as rebuilding some tiles to ensure there were spare tiles for future use.

The replacement of the carpet was to be assured for a minimum of five years, IES therefore consulted with Adhesive specialists- Elite Chemicals. With a specialised adhesive and a hardwearing carpet proposed, our challenge was to ensure the effective gluing of each individual tile to match our unique design of having three specific oval carpeted areas creating a specific area where each work station would be installed.

IES delivered, installed and commissioned three EVANS Control Room consoles.

incorporating everything from pull out shelves for processors, built in air-conditioning ducts and power outlets.

All EVANS workstations supplied where required accommodate eight flat screen monitors side-by-side, mounted on articulating arms which provided for distance, height and tilt control.

An additional arm would allow a 40 inch monitor to be installed to allow security video footage to be displayed.

We delivered a console which could accommodate 6 desktop PC cases on slide out shelves.

We delivered a console which could provide convenient open cable chassis that run uninterrupted to adjacent modules/workstations.

We delivered a console which were designed to provide a smooth level work area, while complying with accepted ergonomic standards.

We delivered a console which adhered to all applicable ergonomic standards, including but not limited to view and reach distance, keyboard height, and knee-well space.

We delivered a console which had to be of such that if future expansion or reconfiguration was required this would be possible by simply adding modules easily or relocated where required.IES delivered three 24/7 control room chairs, one for each operator, supplied and delivered by Chair Elegance, a local distributor of world class 24/7 control room chairs.

IES was also responsible for Supplying of a new matching Board Room Table.

All the work was completed within a strict budget and to a tight deadline.


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