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About Us

Expert Resources and Skills

As an Industry leader in almost every respect IES has set the benchmark in the control centre industry for over 23 years.

Dating back to 1990, we take pride in our consultation, design, technical, ergonomics, installations and product services supply. Control centres are challenging environments where equipment needs to be functional, accurate, ergonomically sound and reliable. Bringing together these aspects the furniture, surroundings, IT, software and visual aides require indisputable design and installation expertise.

At IES we encompass the layout, interior design, furniture, seating, lighting, acoustics, air-conditioning, emergency systems, flooring, ceiling and desktop equipment as well as the visual aides and video walls.

IES provides the following services:
• Planning and Consulting
• Installation
• Integration
• Vision
• Seating and console retail

We are motivated by what can be implemented now to push the company forward and to maintain our reputation for exceptional design, expert installation and supplier of quality control room equipment. We are a well known and leading resource in the control room consultancy and project management service industries. Solution architecture is more than offering pure technology. It is about understanding and meeting the client’s needs, utilising the latest technology and methods available to us today.

It encompasses people’s interaction with technology and the related business process’ that are required to deliver the full value of the technology.
It is here that we excel. We bring a deep understanding of the underlying business processes that must be addressed for an architecture-level initiative to be effective. And integrate this with the latest designs and technology. Leaving behind a competency within our clients control centre and framework to continuously increase efficiency and reduce fatigue.

Our core values are at the centre of our business ideas and principles
• We will always be innovative
• We will create sustainable results
• We will always aim to achieve high levels of performance and service
• We are committed to ethical and responsible business conduct.

One Company, One Solution.

about us

Contact Us

Tel: +27 (0) 11 869 3095
Email: cindy@i-e-s.co.za